Tips for Riding in the Winter Months

riding atv in winter in Groton, CT

Tips for Riding in the Winter Months

If you plan to brave the cold weather on your ATV or side by side, it’s important to take some important precautions to remain safe and warm. New England Cycle Works cares about your safety so we’ve put together some essential tips for riding during the winter months. If you have questions or want to gear up for your winter ride, visit us in Groton, CT today!

Wear Layers

First and foremost, you’ll need to wear an appropriate amount of layers to keep yourself warm on the ride. Your underlayer should be light but still offer protection, topped with a warmer middle layer. Complete your outfit with a riding jacket and you should feel sufficiently insulated. Of course, adding an extra layer in extremely cold temperatures wouldn’t hurt. You’ll also want waterproof riding pants and boots. An anti-fogging full face helmet will work wonders in the cold, especially when traveling at highway speeds. A neck warmer is a wonderful addition that will make a big difference at those faster speeds. Your hands need to be warm, too, so don’t forget a solid pair of waterproof riding gloves!

Prepare Your Vehicle

There are some steps you can take to ensure your ATV or side by side is prepared to take on the cold. For starters, a detachable windscreen is great for blocking the chill. Adding wind guards for your legs can offer additional comfort. When it comes to your hands, you can invest in a set of heated grips to avoid frozen fingers. Remember that if you have a water-cooled engine, you’ll need to make sure you have fresh antifreeze and that it’s mixed properly with the water. It’s also helpful to outfit your vehicle with some new footpegs for increased grip.

Safety First

As always, you should always treat safety as a top priority. You should check road conditions in the area you’ll be riding prior to heading out. As long as the conditions are deemed safe, you should be able to accelerate and decelerate to build up enough heat in your tires that’ll improve your grip. Remember that road hazards might pop up unexpectedly when riding in cold weather. You should be alert at all times and beware of any black ice, salt, or gravel that might lead to unwanted slippage. This should go without saying for any type of riding but always be sure to use your best judgment.

You’re now prepared for winter riding on your ATV or side by side. If you have further questions or want to browse our latest models or gear options, be sure to stop by New England Cycle Works in Groton, CT!

Safety Apparel

As mentioned above, the proper riding apparel can be an important part to keeping you safe and comfortable while riding in chilly temperatures. Check out our wide selection of safety gear and apparel! We have everything you'll need from helmets to footwear. Shop our online store or visit us in Groton, Connecticut, today!

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