Finance and Insurance

Manufacturer's Service Contract

We offer an extension of your factory warranty supported directly by the manufacturer.

Nationwide Coverage:
Covered repairs can be performed at any authorized Motorcycle/ATV Dealership within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

No Mileage Limitation:
No need to watch your odometer. Coverage will not expire at any pre-set mileage or hour limit.

No Deductible:
Not one penny will come out of your pocket to pay for covered repairs.

The remainder of your coverage is transferable to the next owner of your vehicle at no additional cost. This helps maintain the value of your used vehicle.

Genuine Protection:
Repairs are performed by Factory Trained Technicians who use only Genuine Factory Parts to return your vehicle to the level of performance you experienced before the problem occurred.

Different lengths are available at different prices. For New vehicles your coverage begins when the Manufacturer's Original Warranty expires with no overlap.
Coverage is also available for most of our Pre-Owned Inventory. This coverage begins at the purchase date.


GAP Insurance

How Does GAP Protection Work and Why is GAP Protection so important?

Because standard comprehensive and collision M/C policies only cover your new M/C's fair market value. When you buy a motorcycle, you pay the sticker price for that vehicle. As you use the vehicle, it depreciates in value, which then determines the market price for the bike. This market price is the amount that your regular motorycle insurance covers and is usually less than your original loan amount. That's where GAP Protection comes in. A GAP Motorcycle protection policy insures you for the difference between what you owe on your loan and what your insurance company says the vehicle is worth (the market value). If you don't have GAP protection and your bike is totaled, you could end up paying off the portion of your loan balance that your insurance won't cover - and you don't even have the vehicle anymore. GAP protection coverage would also become critical should your M/C be stolen. If this would happen, the insurance situation is the same as in the case of an at-fault accident on your part: comprehensive insurance will cover the value of the vehicle, but not necessarily the value of the loan that you owe to the bank. You could be stuck paying thousands for a motorcycle that's long gone. GAP protection is not a policy you will need forever, but only for the first few years of ownership. During this period, it will give you some driving security and peace of mind. And it doesn't cost much. NECW is proud to be able to offer this product to our customers for $399 or $499 (for loans over $12k). Call for details.

Tire and Wheel Coverage

bent wheel

Yes, now we offer special insurance protection against the road hazards that damage your wheels and tires! Winter can be harsh and relentless resulting in potholes, frost heaves, and other road damage that lurk out there waiting to take a bite out of your tire or put a nice ding in your rim. Replacing a wheel can cost several hundred dollars, and tires aren't cheap either. Then there's labor, towing, and before you know it you're looking at a HUGE bill.
It isn't just potholes either. Damage from rocks, wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps, or any item that might do harm to your tires, wheels, or rims beyond normal wear and tear— all covered under NSD's Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Protection Plan

Flat tires:
You will be reimbursed for charges incurred to repair a flat tire caused by a road hazard while operating the vehicle on public streets and in a legal manner.

Tire Replacement:
Reimbursement for the cost incurred to replace a tire, if a tire is damaged by cut, snag, impact (not collision), tear, or puncture. This coverage is valid through the tread life of a tire (down to 3/32”) and will be replaced with a tire of like kind, quality and cost to the original tire. Tire inspection may be required to validate claim approval.

Wheels (rims):
You will be reimbursed for the repair or replacement of wheels rendered unserviceable due to the road hazard failure of a tire covered under this warranty. Inspection may be required.

Mounting & Balancing:
You will be reimbursed for the cost of mounting, balancing and valve stems for any tire replaced under this agreement.

You will be reimbursed for local and state taxes.

And what does this incredible coverage cost? Less than you think!
A 5 year contract with NO DEDUCTIBLE is only $499
3 Year Plan also available with NO deductible $399

Just one tire repair can cost that much! Ride with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your wallet won't suffer major damage just because of a chance encounter with a common road hazard.